Sentinels & Spectres

Sentinels & Spectres is a continuing series of Andy Lowrie's practice. It began in 2014 with the conception of a brooch series of the same name that was first exhibited in Extended Jewellery (The Hold Artspace, Brisbane), curated by Beau Allen. Informed by historic jewellery and craft objects, the pieces in Sentinels and Spectres capture Andy’s fusion of natural and manmade elements. He uses this work to reinterpret the idea of the talisman and its themes of protection and fragility in the context of jewellery making and wearing. Painted, sanded and oxidised copper surfaces are an identifying material feature of this series.

This work was the subject of Andy's first solo exhibition, held at Artisan, Queensland's Craft and Design Centre in 2016. You can read more about the exhibition and view a digital version of the accompanying catalogue here