Uncharted, Unbound, Unexpected

Curators, Nancy Megan Corwin and Madeline Courtney, have invited me to exhibit in Uncharted, Unbound and Unexpected at Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery. The exhibition opens Wednesday 2nd May and continues through to 22nd May. 

In the words of the curators: we invited nine artists to surprise us, take us on a journey, make new discoveries, redefine directions, uncover new territories.

I have certainly followed the curators direction and pushed my work into new territory for this exhibition, incorporating material experimentation with graphite on enamelled steel and hand carved basswood surfaces. The other artists are Lynn Batchelder, Julia Barello, David Chatt, Molly Epstein, Julia Harrison, Nadine Kariya, Anya Kivarkis, and Linda Savineau

I will post images of my work to my web gallery once the show is open to the public. The exhibition invitation is post below and more details are available on the Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery website, here.